Biohybrid printing
and world’s first hybrid nanocomposite coatings for medical devices

Biohybrid printing

COLUMN™ is generic Laser based technology platform for deposition and printing of nano coatings of (in)organic materials on (in)organic substrates with brand new properties. By COLUMN™ are born two new technologies:

Laser Direct Synthesis and Printing (LDSP)

LDSP is laser assisted additive technology for direct synthesis and printing nanocomposites, including complex hybrid nanocomposites with micron and submicron dimensions.

Laser Adaptive Ablation Deposition (LAAD)

LAAD is Laser based technology for direct synthesis and large area deposition of inorganic nanostructures embedded in complex organic matrix including proteins.
(own know-how)


Nanoscale inorganics and organics bonding for the life benefits
Providing new materials for new solutions

The innovative concept of NTP is realized by new paradigm- control and management of the deposited and 2D- and 3D-printed complex organic objects by means of inorganic nanostructures or deposition and printing of preprogrammed Biohybrid nanocomposites (or directed and managed original architecture and function of complex organic materials and living tissue by means of “non living” inorganic nanostructures embedded in organic matrix).. The technological platform can be adjusted for use in most important biomedical industries and markets as:

  • Smart drugs delivery systems for medical devices - implant


  • Predictive in vitro models for test safety and effectiveness of new drugs formulation


  • Regeneration and Engineering of complex 3D organic objects and living tissues


Our breakthrough technologies are based on the most advanced interdisciplinary knowledge and focus to innovative customers. We offer not only individual product solutions, from development a concept for coatings, development of a prototype, license of specific technology, but also adaptation of our services to specific and different business models.

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